1. My new project: a feature film adaptation of Rainer Maria Rilke’s only novel, THE NOTEBOOKS OF MALTE LAURIDS BRIGGE. The film will be shot entirely with Lomography’s LomoKino.

  2. Hip-hop artist Elijah McGillicuddy during production of the music video I’m directing for his song “88 MPH”.


  3. c33films:

    An Open Letter to the Film Industry (in rebuttal to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorsese, John Sayles and honestly we forget who else there were so many):

    Over the last few years we have been hearing the same old song and dance from a whole lot of you.

    (Source: c33films)

  4. c33films:

    Second teaser for our arty horror webseries- “The Phantoms Came To Meet Him” now in development!

    (Source: c33films)

  5. First teaser for our new gothic horror webseries THE PHANTOMS CAME TO MEET HIM


  7. "Ankole-watusi" Color version, digital photograph shot with vintage Helios lens by Jesse Richards.

    © Jesse Richards, 2013

    Print for sale here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Photographs-and-Art-Prints-for-Sale/12721897